Reunion Arena

Reunion Arena
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Address 777 Sports Street
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone (214) 939-2770
  Venue Particulars  
Seating Location
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  The Facility  
Date Built 1980
City of Dallas
(City of Dallas)
Cost of Construction $27 million
Stadium Financing 100% publicly financed.
  Other Facts  
Tenants Dallas Sidekicks
(NISL) 1984-Present
Former Tenants Dallas Mavericks
(NBA) 1980-2001
Dallas Stars
(NHL) 1993-2001
Population Base 3,500,000
On Site Parking 6,200
Nearest Airport 16.4 Miles
Retired Numbers #15 Brad Davis
Basketball 18,042
Average Ticket $53.60 (2005-2006)
Fan Cost Index (FCI) $301.39 (2005-2006)
The Team Marketing Report FCI includes: four average-price tickets; four small soft drinks; two small beers; four hot dogs; two game programs; parking; and two adult-size caps.
Hockey 16,924
Luxury Suites None
Club Seats None
  Attendance History  
Season  Total  Capacity Change
2000-01 680,138 91.2% 12.2%
1999-00 606,177 82% 67.1%
1998-99 362,837 80% -33.0%
1997-98 541,541 73% -11.7%
1996-97 613,178 83% -10.4%
1995-96 684,138 92% 0.8%
1994-95 678,433 92% 28.9%
1993-94 526,414 71% -5.1%
1992-93 554,724 75% -14.6%

Sources: Mediaventures

Directions to Reunion Arena

(From Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport) Take the airport's south exit to 183 East. Proceed east on 183 to I-35 South. Exit on Reunion Blvd.

(from Love Field): Take Mockingbird Lane west to I-35E. Head south to the Reunion Blvd. exit.

February 26, 2009
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Demolition of Reunion Arena will start in April after the Dallas City Council approved a nearly $2.1 million contract to raze the shuttered facility. Inking a contract with Del Valle, Texas-based A & R Demolition is the final key decision by city officials in a yearlong process to close, and ultimately tear down, the 29-year-old arena. "When it's through, it'll be grass - a grassy knoll," said Ramon Miguez, assistant city manager. Reunion Arena had lost the city several million dollars since the newer, larger American Airlines Center opened in 2001, capturing much of the older facility's business. City officials say the arena will be torn down piece by piece instead of imploded. (Dallas Morning News)

April 16, 2009
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A demolition schedule has been set for the razing of Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas, and preliminary work is taking shape in and outside the vacant building. The venue is set to be demolished by September.

November 19, 2009
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The final remnants of Reunion Arena are coming down this week. The venue was replaced in 2001 by the American Airlines Center as the main arena in Dallas, Texas.

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